Sunday, October 31, 2010

♥ 16 October 2010.

Erhem. No pictures for this post.

On 16th of October, I had told myself I am not going to act in the drama. No, but then itu Sri Kabelen and Puan Hanim did chose me. Okay la, let's give it a try. I was busying clipping up my hair. I was scared it will make me look ugly. But not bad, still got people praise me :) Around 9am, we started the shooting. Lights were everywhere, the artists arrived and changed their clothes into school uniform. Everything was prepared by the crew and we were just asked to sit. We were very "important" people lah, haha !

9 something, it was the shooting. We were asked to stand up to greet the teacher. KKSiong became the class monitor. He was the one who collect the books and all. Before that, he told the crew to give me the role as assistant monitor but sorry la, I am not that "talented". Ha ha. Then, shooting continued.

The first row = me, S.Phing and Tasha. The two artists (girl) were sitting just behind us. But I felt nothing as I don't really know who are them. We were asked to go out as they have shooting at that place. So, okay lah, we went outside to have a rest. Later on, they asked me to sit back at that place but S.Phing and Tasha wasn't there. Just me with the chair and no table at all. Paiseh. The camera was just in front of me. Sure big image of me.

One of the director talked to me. He was very funny and asked if I know how to play Bowling. I told him I just played bowling the days before but wasn't as pro. I asked him why, he said just asking. The whole day he kept calling me "Amy Ng". Yea, I liked him, humour!

Few scenes involved me. Not much. Just watak sampingan lah. Ha ha, I don't aim much. One of it was the boy named Irfan I guessed, touch my shoulder to ask me to give him the seat. The director didn't told me how to act, so, I just spontanly said okay. The scene was acted and N.G for at least 5 times. I was so tired standing and sitting. Then, KKSheng brought some of his kuih sagu for us to eat. Tasted not bad.

The next scene was study group. I was supposedly sit with Sri and the others. But the director suddenly told me to sit with the 3 main actor. Seriously, I don't what to say and how to act. One of the main actress talked to me and we chit-chatted during the so-called "study group". Okay lah, not bad. But technically, I don't really recognize them in any movie.

Around 1pm, had our lunch in the canteen and continued shooting. Few more scenes such as "time to go home", "study group in school compound", "take SPM results" time and others. We finished shooting at around 5pm. I was seriously sleepy, tired, energy less and started grumbling. They realized that and gave us some food for tea time.

For the scene that I remembered the most was the scene where the girl (main actress) hugged me without giving me some preparations. Okay lah, let you hug for free. Ha ha, that scene also shoot for about 5 times. And she hugged me for about 3 times. See if that scene will come out in the movie. And for your information, that movie was named "Songkok" and is expected to be aired next year.

We got our salary for the whole day working as a "calefare". RM22. Actually I am not aiming for the salary but experiences. Dad always says that experience is important. Ok, yes, I was happy I earned some money as I am too stupid to start earning money right now. Ok, got to go !! Lastly, I wished I could act with "lam fung" or "ma kwok ming" someday. Let me dream for a while okay? Ha ha!

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