Sunday, October 31, 2010

♥ 17 October 2010.

Pv10 gathering. Woots. Ha ha. First time our condo have such gathering since we've moved in in 2008. It was not bad. Especially the food. Various type of food - all very delicious. A big clap and a big token of appreciation to all JMC Pv10 members for making the event so successful. This event has also strengthen relationship among neighbours. I love it. This should be done more frequent in the future!

The model is slimming down right now. Hope she'll succeed. And me too !!!

P/S: Finally, well done to the organisers of the EVENT = Mr. Benson See and Mr. Fairuz and others of Pv10 organisation. And for more picture, view my FaceBook or JMC PV10's.

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