Sunday, October 17, 2010

This is specially for my dear gekss..
HAHAHA.. Sorry, wrong, is my BII..

BII said boring wanna see my blog . Wait I upload pictures for you to see . HAHA ! I know BII very love me geh . Haha, perasan a while ~~

Haiz, recently I very confused , BII supposed know why right ? Supposed la . Next time I show you why I am so confused . Somemore I don't want become bad people, influence others .

BII is the best . We can talk anything under the sun . ANYTHING . And we can laugh without a reason . Luckily, BII wasn't a type of sensitive person . Right right right ? HAHA .

Another thing is I don't feel anything when talking to BII . No stress, nothing . That's why I am always searching for BII whenever I goes .

5 minutes already ? See, I can write so long 5 minutes time .
That is all . BII , did I reduce your boringness ? Later give me more time, I upload the video onto blog again . That will make you laugh everytime you click play . That day delete already ~ Taz .

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