Friday, October 22, 2010

Nomore procrastination .

I am going to post all activities done after PMR. Yeah, right! To avoid this blog from dying. Sorry to all who came and visit but found nothing interesting. I am very free but I am lazy. To upload the pictures, edit everything. I just posted it onto my FaceBook as it was easier and there were many people there to see.

FaceBook was like a "must" now for everyone. To avoid being addicted, I recommend you to stay away from it. It is musuh pelajar number 1. I myself am addicted to it and couldn't move my eyes from it for a day. Even when it's during the PMR days. I don't care, just want to get there, see people's status, see what they commented on my status.

Hmm, so yea, the conclusion is that I will continue blogging. No worries. I will decorate my blog as how I did it before PMR. That time got so much enthusiasm just to avoid studying. Now, no studying but too much laziness. K, start now.

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