Wednesday, November 10, 2010

♥ 26 October 2010.

We did this outing quite the last minute. HA HA. So, everything wasn't well-planned. And we were on the "kin bou hang bou (见一步走一步)" basis. Yea, after school, they came to my house to change their clothes. Then, daddy fetched us out to the bus stop. We boarded a bus and we were standing. I almost fell down, they let me sit after one man went out. Reached SgWang, then lah, walked to Times Square. I swear I won't wear high heels to these places anymore. Eh, no ticket for 重眼. We walked all the way to Pavilion. Bought our tickets, we had about 20 minutes, bought some bread before entering.

Finished watching at around 5pm? We were figuring what to eat as our stomach were really hungry. McD. No choice. After eating, we went home by bus again. Reaching GentingKlang, we walked home to my home before they took taxi. It was drizzling and I was in my high heels, hardest time ever. And of course my leg got blister right after that. But I enjoyed my time with them. Who are them? SYASYA and my bii, JIA ENG. Not much pictures were taken, though.

The day before we went there, me and JiaEng thought only Genting and KLCC sell this. But we found this here also, in Pavilion, but it don't looked that "real". Doraemon 的最爱 = DORAYAKI !

Chilli + Pepper = Extreme Spicy.
Me and Bii's creation. Sya didn't even touch it.

Okay. The only picture of the day. We were rushing home. And they were rushing out of the toilet. So, here is the effect I got. Mouth, eyes, nose all ruined up. Haiz.

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