Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In UKM .

Hey people. It have been over 10 days since I have updated my blog. It's a long long time. Even when it was my PMR, I didn't leave my blog for as long as 13 days. Perhaps blogging wasn't my interest any longer or maybe I don't have the chance to blog and eventually I missed out everything and then I became lethargic. But I promised as soon as I come back from UKM and after the 4days family vacation, I will be back blogging everything I have missed out before the end of 2010.

By the way guys, it is 7 December today. That certainly means that the year 2010 is coming to an end. But know what? I am here spending 3/4 of my holidays here. Wasting or maybe spending wisely, I don't know. I felt sorry and guilty for myself and everybody. But I won't give up until the 17th. I sure I can. I felt so shameful when I cried and the primary school students which were at most 12 years old can attend the course without giving out tears.

Today .. I am doing solar car. Emm. Hard, tough, fun. I finished the chassis. Hurt my hand. Yesterday I supposed my solar panel works but then, it torn off just now. I was like "==" Why treat me like this. I ate my lunch at 1pm because of doing again the solar panel and it came off again. I was like giving up, so, I decided to have my lunch first and here I am.

So, some people I sms with wanted to know so much whose my new friends here. Here, I mentioned some of them.
.... (sensitive case, deleted, mention the next time) ...

The names are from the PKMS camp and the PCS camp (Giga Force + Green Technology).

Let's come to the topic Green Technology. Have you ever wonder what is green technology? I never, until I was choosen to attend this course. So, some mere definition here for green technology - so far, I've learn about hydrogen solar powered. Actually, it's hard and not as convenience. But attending this course will certainly make me wanted to care for the environment so that it will last a little longer.

Life here? Kinda the same routine everyday. To class, to exercise/art, to room, to preparation class, to bed -end- . And I strongly believe that 17 December will arrive very soon. 10 more days to be precise. And then, I will get to meet them on the 18 December, going on vacation on 19-22 December and so so on. No plans yet. But yet to come.

OK , got to go and continue my solar car thingy now. Wish me lucks for not failing my projects again. TAKE CARE. And good-bye. :)


vinosa said...

i wish u gud luck. Don't give up n i know u can succeed..Don't worry 17th December wil come soon


Hi Amy, long time n see & talk right? hehe. Wow, you're soo lucky to be chosen to attend that course! its from UKM right? your mm n dad must be soo proud at you :) i wanna hear a story about it ok. promise me you'll blog about it? it sounded sooo cool :) i wish you the best! bye bye:)

amy美琪 said...

vinosa and akma - we'll meet tmr ! :) i will blog about it.

vinosa said...

amy, gonna miss u if u shift skool

amy美琪 said...

vinosa ><
not sure yet mah.. haven't reply the confirmation letter.. we'll still meet until 14th kayh??