Thursday, December 30, 2010

30 December 2010.

Hey people! So long since I've been blogging.

I've been very lethargic lately. Can I ask to skip all the blogging that I've missed out and start it again during 2011? Hee. I hope I can. I've skipped a lot of post and I mean A LOT. Since early November until late December, which is today.

1) I got 1B for my PMR results, which was quite disappointing, but it's okay, it's fine. I will work harder next time to improve my BM. No rechecking. So, that's it. No straight As for my PMR.

2) I got selected to PermataSchool. I am the 139/315 students who attended the camp got it. Am I lucky or unlucky? By tomorrow, I must reply the confirmation letter and before that, I am supposed to see the Official Information. If I reply YES, that's mean I am leaving. If I reply NO, I am staying. Let's see then.

Opps, got to go, to PASAR MALAM. Will update soon as I miss my blogging life. ^^


vinosa said...

my wishes 4 u:

great start 4 january

love 4 february

peace 4 march

joy 4 april

luck 4 may

hapiness 4 june

exiciting 4 july

fun 4 august

cheers 4 september

suprise 4 october

no worries 4 november

all the above 4 december

happy new year,amy! have agreat 2011.

amy美琪 said...

dear vinosa, thx for the wishes. i would like to wish you all the best too. it's nice knowing you ;)