Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hello there.

Hello. Chinese New Year had ended.
Typing with my new lappy ><
Ex-friends living very happily without me, not bad.
Don't know mummy and daddy okay already or not leh?
I live my new life, not very use to it but got to get used to it.
7am boarded bus to complex, 730am breakfast, 8am assembly, 810am started classs, 10am break, 1020am, continue class, 140pm lunch, 230pm prep and activities, 5pm back hostel, 6pm bath, dinner, 8pm dinner. 12am, sleep. That's my daily routine and that's gonna be forever. ><
Mid semester test coming soon, everything also chapter 3 or above, stressed?
1st of March gonna meet Datin Rosmah for she coming to our school - performing Chinese dance.

Class of K2. The noisiest class of all. Weird, we are always the noisiest everywhere ><

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