Wednesday, February 23, 2011


How my life have changed since I came here.

First of all, I've learnt to be independent. To be something I wasn't. And if I didn't come here, I would be still everyday on TV, on FaceBook, hanging out, doing stuff that can pass my time just like that. I am more discipline, perhaps?

Second of all, I've learnt to make friends with people from another states. I felt much better now. I am persuading myself. But I knew I just need to be strong.

Next, I am taught lessons not only in SPM. But also STPM (O/A-level), that's very hard and I hardly can catch what teachers are saying about, especially Biology, too fast, too much, and all the names/functions are new and fresh for me.

Finally? I can adapt to the surrounding which make me more mature. Homesick of course is a must, but I will try to escape my mind from thinking of home.

I can"t think of anything now, simply because my lovely innocent roommate, JueXin is sleeping and I scared I would distract her sleeping.

I've found various types of people here. From rich to moderate. From talkative to silent. And from tall to short. HA HA. And they came from different places.

I am kinda having this type of heartache everytime I online FaceBook, I realised the changes, and of course, I am having nothing about it, people come and go, I am one of them, and I am just being erased. You can say they are too busy, or they are just happy you're leaving. But for goodness sake, I wasn't that satisfied to leave some happy moments that I once had. To be frank, I've sacrificed a lot for this program. And I am going to go harder.

Study hard and smart. But I seemed to study hard but not smart. Why? I read very slowly and I understand them very slow. I don't know how the others go for the express and yet doing so good.

I hurt my knee during practise for dancing. Dancing for Datin Rosmah's visit. I heard press conference is coming too. Let's say cheese and smile to the camera, it might come out in the newspaper the next day. LOL! Check it out in TheStar on 2nd or 3rd March! :) HAHA!

Okay, it's 1140pm now, got to go. Good night!!! :)
Let's pretend nothing had happened and keep smiling all the way to the end.


Benjamin said...

hey dont worry girl everything will be over soon you just grit ypur teeth and buckle will be fine have faith

AhmadAcap said...

yay!!! im commenting someones blog!!