Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Oya Suminasai. It means Good Night.

Well, long time since I've been here writing on the blogging drafting page. It has been a really long time. And sorry to me and myself. Okay, my roommate just said good night to me, she's going to bed now. I am not sleeping that early, just couldn't sleep. I miss the television at home, I miss every single thing at home, of course my parents and sisters too.

What I must say now? Okay, let's first thing be first. It's April and I am here for like 4 months already. Another 20 months to go? It's going to be solid a year with hard word and a lot of efforts to achieve my dream. But hmm, I don't think I am that hardworking.

Classes is okay now. I am getting used to it, and especially the air-conditional in everywhere I go. Cafeteria, laboratory, class, instructor's room, multipurpose hall. Just everything in air-conditioned.

April is the month of SUKAN for all of us. Unfortunately, I couldn't join in for the "sukaneka" as I am away to a far far place. But I can make it for cross country this Saturday. I am a little to joyful as I thought it would be held on next week (which means I couldn't make it). I am in the RED group. RED for RUBY. RUBY the best. Arnold is the president. I am surprised I got chosen as a vice president by election. =)

Mari-mari, entertain yourselves with some latest pictures of my life!! Take care..

I will tell you guys about it someday .... but in this month.

Sya Sya!!

KKSiong.. The one I always mentioned during my Form2/3 in here..

Mummy.. I love you!! Aishiteru!!

The one-head-taller than me guy..

In library of PERMATApintar. Well, look up the sky and everything will be okay.

Well, well, well, that's my name.

Chicken Little/ Jack and the Beanstalk. They can release my stress after doing Add Maths.

Annie and Amy. We are buddy. Yoyoyo, (lol funny everytime she says this).

BBQ during the holidays at college with 20 other students and teachers. Slept at 3am that day watching Green Hornet. Yahh, not bad.

Me, Miss Ing, Annie, Stella.

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good luck.