Friday, August 19, 2011

Almost the the end.

The mid-sem 2 exam is ending next Monday. It was supposed to end now, today, but yesterday the History was postponed because our first lady came to school to visit us. Yeah, exams is okay, and of course a lot of silly mistakes happening again. Tonight gonna have some relaxing fun with friends and next Wednesday gonna go home sweet home! :) I really miss home a lot.

And here, I wanted to wish my second sister HAPPY BIRTHDAY, not to mention your age here ^^~ I hope you will also be happy and healthy and wealthy with lots of good lucks. All the best and always take care yo. Present will reach you next week =)

For mummy and daddy, I hope they will always miss me lah :)

And for eldest sister, take a lot of care at London, I knew you are still upset with the stuff happened last week. But it's okay lah, at least you are safe, it's enough :) Although you are still enjoying the environment there, but I still wanted you to GET BACK asap no matter how hard you got there and how nice is the sceneries. I really can't tahan thinking about you being so many miles away, not safe, alone or with new friends == OK, SEE YOU ON SEPT !


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