Monday, October 3, 2011


I am TIRED!!!!


Daaaaaa.. Calculus exam in an hour time..

Update next time..

Sorry laaaaa.. Leave the blog untouched for so long.. :(

Exam on 30th October, a lot of stuff haven't read.. Hard hard hard XD

"No time" is just a nonsense reason..

Concentrate pls, ANMK!! They're just fooling with you..

You go head over heals ever again!!!!!

Like a silly person repeating the same mistakes over and over again..

Miss I also tell u don't follow them!!! Listen to her advice ok..

No matter what people say... 他都不懂事实是怎样的!很笨+衰人!

BTW..Good lucks PMR juniors.. Jia you ba!!

I embed this video on 8th August 2010 but I am going to share this again! ^^

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