Sunday, November 20, 2011

Childhood friends :)

I told my sister, I am searching for Teh Cheuk Seng. She told me to search in google. So, yeah, I immediately typed and typed for his name. Nothing.

I am currently in search of my childhood friends :) Kinda hard though. So, I am going to ask mummy to ask her friends (old neighbours) to get their FaceBook.

Old neighbours: Kin Kin, Ying Ying, Derrick, Kah Fai, Tom and Jerry, I really missed the time playing with you guys loh! Haish! Being the only girl in the group make me the princess :) Ngee! Perasannya! If I see them now, sure I have nothing to say.

I still remember I go into the wrong class during kindergarten just because KinKin told me to follow him anywhere he goes. So funny. I followed him to his class lor. Then, mummy searched for me everywhere in the kindergarten cause teacher informed her I wasn't in class! Silly silly young girl .

Furthermore, inside one album there's still some pictures of me and Derrick. During one night (lantern festival), he fed me some food. For such a young girl, it was romantic la of course :) But it's just like brother and sister laa.

In another case, late for school eh? Daa, not very remember that case. So, better don't say or else I can make my own stories based on my imagination~~

I miss them! :(

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