Sunday, November 6, 2011


Home is the best place I can go. Though I cannot study much. BUT what I study at home, I can remember better and understand faster. I don't know why. It's just the same like when I am being in the hostel. Well, but I slept a lot, online a lot and eat a lot. That's 3 in 1 + the study a little :) It's always the best being at home!

Yesterday hor, went to KL FESTIVAL CITY mall. It's as grand as Mid-Valley. The size, is of course smaller than Mid-Valley but all the shops had opened its door except for MBO. The toilets are "too much", and I really mean it. There's also one directory touch screen thingy there. All the grand shops are there. Just as convenience as KLCC or Mid-Valley! Thumbs up!

Dah, I wanna chat chat at FaceBook. Without the FB, I didn't really do my AddMaths and Physics well, biggest regret in this month :( And hey, my results started going up after I learnt computer. Well, I have evidence. I did not get top 3 until I was in Standard 4, and that is the time when I started touching the electronic stuff named COMPUTER :) So, I guessed I just have to stick to the electronic stuff in order to make the knowledge go into my brain at a faster rate, better. Ngee :P

I am so mengada these days. Especially when I argue with him. Bleks!

KL FESTIVAL CITY with Elaine Jie @ 05/11/2011

DAAAAA~ Bye :)

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