Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tough, strong .

I can't be tough, I can't be strong but with you it's not like that at all.

And I remember all the crazy things you said,

You always there, you're everywhere

But right now I wish you were here...

......... Here here here.........

I wish you were here. What can I do to make you here.

- type and listening to song at the same time- 130am duh.

EXAM IS OVER! I am smelling holidays, a busy and packed holidays. No more Form4? It's hard to believe I am going towards SPM so fast. Time really flies huh?

K2 had a party just now, but it's just for a while, though the food were a lot. I appreciated them so much, but I don't know how to show it. Poor communication skills I have. Wrong words keep popping out from my mouth. >.<

I have finished packing. I am ready to go home! Luckily that day I had brought home half of the books and half of my cupboard clothes, cumbersome! I won't suffer so much carrying them to car tomorrow. I AM GOING HOME TOMORROW, but next Monday gonna come back this place with little people around :(

The sad thing is, I have to sit for SPM next year howsoever, where I have to memorize the whole HISTORY thingy. Well, no lucks to skip them.

I never wanna let go... letgo letgo letgo...

... memang tak de lelaki seseksi aku, tapi yang lebih seksi, banyak ...
... maka tak perlu sedu-sedan gitu, .. memaksa aku untuk jadi pancarmu ..
oh baby, baby jangan kau marah .. ku percaya kau baik ... lalalala~



Good night ! -the last night, he never care-

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