Sunday, April 15, 2012


The juniors? They have been good, at least until now. They make no problem with me. I no make problem with them (grammatically problem). Hahah. But some of them are really talented (as of what I saw). And many of them are less enthusiast. I actually mean they are not active because they give no responses during sports meeting and what else.

The APRIL? I am BUSY. I do not CONCENTRATE well. The Mid-Term exam was so-so as I do not get what I actually desired. The this. The that. I am just not CONCENTRATING, especially this week when I actually, over again, fell head over heals.

Semalam. Yesterday. We watched HUNGER GAME. And "zhu lian zhe xiao shi" (Thailand movie). The first movie was okay, kinda scary and adventurous. We had burgers, biscuits, snacks and packet drinks. Then, it was 10pm. Thought of continuing for JOHN CARTERS but well, the quality of the video was not really good. Hence, they decided to watch "ZHU LIAN ZHE XIAO SHI".

I watched that movie twice, last year, at home. I still remember that cold night I watched this movie (recommended by SyaSya) alone at home till late night, then I received the first text from him. We started texting until 5am that night. I was really surprised and the days after that were really good, not until 2012. Anyway, no more chance to do that, I certainly miss him a lot :"( Everything I see or I do at school, it reminds me of him. I had let go, but I just really cannot believe losing a friend this way.

Oh~ The planning of my week.

Next Monday (tomorrow), RUBY team going for the sukantara. Hope all can contribute a little and make us back to the top again. I really cannot stand when it comes to RUBY thing. It gets so so so sensitive. And what not, we're getting less powerful.

Tuesday. The only thing I could remember for Tuesday is the PJK CAMP. I am waiting for it, so desperately. I miss camping. Night walks. All the fun. I just hope it would be fun, at least satisfying. Let's just walk through and enjoy the night. *in charge of the tools*

Wednesday. Oh no, THE JAPANESE TEST. Err, it has been such a small burden to memorise all the "bi hua", many of them. I am just too lazy to do the exercises. Well, hmm.

Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun ....

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