Monday, March 12, 2012


Mum and dad just went out. I can shed my tears now. I am breaking the 1year contract and norm of not writing blog for 3 months. It's now, I am going to post and write about somebody I really care about and whom had left me forever three days ago without saying GoodBye.

All the posting in this blog don't mean to offend anyone. It's just MY BLOG and I wanted to keep this post and remember him, his acts, his behaviour and his face forever, in case I forget him some other days when it started to get busier.

Cheerful. Lovely. Given the name Akif Iskandar, one that I have known for a year. A year plus to be exact. I met him by this lovely sports house named Ruby. It took me few months to actually remember him and his face. All the activities held at school made me closer to him. I am not his classmate, nor his best friends. But I know I am close to him.

It started off with the Explorace. Really, it was the Explorace. He chose me to be his bride. Without thinking for a second, he looked around and chose me, then the rest of the group members helped us to make-up with the curry powder and stuff, and there we go, walking through the whole thing crazily like a just-married-couple, that's where I started to PERASAN. I've never ever like somebody so much before. It was just him. I do stalk him at times (?).


Before you started to realise, you called my name whenever we meet. Like ALWAYS. I was very very very very glad at that moment, he didn't know.

The Kem Jati Diri. One of the best moments being with you. You were excited when I was in a group with you. You let me to hide behind you when the facilitator wanted to choose some Chinese to exchange groups? The jacket you gave me? I thought it was yours, but it was someone else. Well, you were using it at that time. The rakit we built? The rakit journey we've been through? The shouts and cheers we did? The rats drama we practised? The larian berhalangan and the OTOS? All the supports you had given me. I will never forget!!

You tried to make me jealous by saying you'll date Jinnie whenever you saw me walking with her? Telling me you would have a date on a grand hotel with candle light dinners? I was jealous that time, you succeeded. You are every girl's best boyfriends I can say.

You talked so seriously with me that day when I didn't win in the Merentas Desa 2012. You said you saw the list, and we'll catch up the 12marks with Sapphire and win the sports day. I thought you're going to be here with us, fighting to win. But now, we're going to fight it through without you. You knew how hard is it going to be? But I will try the very best to make Ruby win this year.

10th MARCH 2012. I received a superb good news and a extreme bad news. The good news was I got number 7th and best subjects in Chemistry, Mathematics and PJK. The bad news was I will never see you again. I wanted to get best in Chemistry because I wanted to study Chemistry with you again. In Miss Ing class, the one and only class I can attend with you. And one fine day before final, you told me to teach you Chemistry in library, I was blur all around but I just talk things I knew (which were very little). SALTS! I taught you that chapter though I haven't even master it. You fell down off the chair and your face getting red when I laughed at you.. I am really sorry!! I miss you so so so so much!!

Nobody will fake a punch on me again! Nobody will switch off my computer screen anymore! Nobody will type extra passwords when I log in FaceBook. Less one good voice calling my name loudly. Less one person I will find in the crowds especially in the carpark playing football. Less one person that could really make me laugh. Less one person that could narcissismly take picture with me. Less one person will text with me until 5am in the morning, talking bout stuff I've never talk with others.

You are the apple of my eyes, dearest buddy! You mean so much to me. Without you at school, life would be really boring. Hope I can adapt to the new environment. Hope you will be at a place, heaven, where you can enjoy but suffer no more. Thank you so much for all the laughter, memories, fun, joy, worries and for letting me knowing you.

But now, I hope your FB icon would be green and you would buzz me! PLEASE?


You asked me whether your DP smart or not. I haven't answered you truthfully. It's the SMARTEST!

I haven't recognise you yet.

Not yet.

Your smile sweetest!~

You will remain as a PERMATA, forever!

I have always wanted to capture pictures with you. I felt so happy that day you invited me, and we were ready to be captured but the cameraperson wasn't free, you shouted at her/him (?)!

Hmm. :'(

Missing in action. You played so hard for this game. I can see your determination!


I didn't know this picture existed. ZORRO!

Run run run. Your leg was cramp at the stairs near this block. You told me not to wait for you and continue running with the others and that you'll catch up very soon. How can I?

I didn't know you cheered when I went to take the prize. OLAHRAGAWATI. The title was part of you. Hmm. I can no longer run with you.

You struggled so hard. Thanks!

Here, me and Arnold attempted stab you. Well, you looked so cool here! And always.

I love to scold you at that moment. Cause you were always late for rehearsal. But after that, I've never really scolded you. Except for cases you define as "merajuk/feeling". I miss you saying "ala, merajuk ke, feeling la pulak, macam baby".

I don't have chance to do it again with you this year ;'(


We know through Ruby! Someone came knocking my door and gave me one of the ZORRO superman jacket telling me something like that "Akif suruh bagi Amy. Dia suruh Amy simpan baik-baik". It's still with me now. Idk it's yours or mine. I will treasure it.


Thanks FB for keeping all the chats of me and him. :'(

The first time I chat with you.

Many sayang you. I knew that. Just I don't want to lose.


I am sorry! -_-

I knew you care. I don't care people saying me perasan.

hahahaha. SULKING? Thanks for always entertaining me.

I like you stalking me. Though you're not.

I knew I am BERISI! :P Thanks for always reminding me. I wish.......

I hope I can ever ever chat with you right now!!

The secrets he hasn't finish telling me! :(

Thanks loads, Akif. Salute! I love you but God loves you even more.
Idk how my life would change but I just know it will change without you by my side.


cOme hEll or high wAter.. said...

he will always in our memory..
we love him, but GOD love him even more..
may he rest in peace..

nabilamiraa said...

saya dah agakla amy ;)
saya pun sayang akif

JAZZ said...

May he rest in peace. My hard disk that contains most of his pictures now being corrupted. I hope I can repair it and save his pictures as memory. Although I have never chatted much with him.