Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chocoholic and Candylicious.


                                        THE AWESOME PETROSCIENCE EXPERIMENT. With LEEJING. 


THE LAST JAPANESE CLASS @ 3rd MAY 2012 @ Tomoko Sensei.

18th May 2012. His 17th Surprised Birthday Party.

                                             EKIDEN RUN @ 27th May 2012 @ Putrajaya @ finished 57th. 


GENTING HIGHLANDS 3D2N @ 27th May 2012 @ 101th visit to Genting :) 
I was having some pimples on my face. It was the price to pay for the stressful exam. Genting is the best place for me to release all the stress and tenses I had, especially after the exam! Now that I have lesser pimples. Hee. However, this trip, this time I was being left alone most of the time, no sisters, no cousins and no friends. I was walking alone, but I'll never get missing as I was already being introduced to Genting ever since I was in mum's womb. I think a lot during my stroll and I realised many stuff that has been blurring me for a long time. Walking alone really helps, I don't have to follow anyone or pretend to be happy or whatsoever. It was really cold and misty outside but I like it. All my meals were very fulfilling. Mum and dad keep saying that "choose something that will make you full, so that you don't disturb me with your icecream, popcorn, sweetcorn, or any corn corn hot stuff". So, everything was basically chinese food, rice. And I was given some money on my own. So, I bought a lot of snacks to enjoy! I also sat in the room most of the time, sleeping, watching Astro WahLaiToi. It was a nice trip but not better than any others. Frankly speaking, nowadays only he could make up my days. Seriously, you aren't nobody to me!

The SS pictures. Don't continue! =P 

Trying out the Panorama mode.

Standing taller and stronger than EVER! :)

Eat alone. Drink alone. Walk alone. Everything sendiri-sendiri! 

Flower says "RISE AND SHINE" ! :) 

I just hope I can see these greeneries everyday! 

Dad was really boring actually. To wait me and mum finish out photo-taking. :)

THEMEPARK's fun. If and only if there's my sisters or the awesome friends.  

The SPACESPOT that I adore most.

6000ft above sea level! Yeay! 


Don't feed me banana, me says! :)

So far here it goes. Some pictures of my life in 2012. Sometimes, it's wonderful. Sometimes, it turned out to be less wonderful. However, everything happens for a reason. Cheers. Happy always ^^"

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