Friday, June 8, 2012

AFS interview.

Now waiting for le girls to come to my house and meet and talk something that they want to tell me. But I don't know what. Let's get the surprise later :) So that I have some free time now. Let's blog about my almost-ending holidays.

This holidays is perhaps the last holidays in which I didn't hold the books at all. Only food, bed, laptop and some travelling on the car. Okay, that's the biggest part that I would regret now.

So, for the first few days of the holidays, I was at Genting Highlands (I've blogged about this). Okay, finished enjoying the scenery and breeze. And of course, the quality time with le parents! Then, have to come back down to the land of kl. Hmm.

Next, I think I rested for a day. And then went for my research at HKL. I was dealing with Cinnamon for three whole days. And I smell that Cinnamon that three days. Ain.H is awesome, a good chatter for me (abit la kan?). We talked just about everything. She is so-the-open as she does not mind talking to me about Chinese cuisines. Alright. And, I have to really thank Kak Fhata and Kak Thini for guiding me throughout the days at that place. It was kinda boring waiting for the yielding of the oil but, oh yeah, I've learnt a lot!

Oh, went to KLFC with le parents. Shopping. Eating. Capturing pictures.

Alright. Next up, what I did? I think I went to my previous school. Oh yeah, fun fun fun! I don't dare to go into the class.  I hide near the door. I don't want to interrupt. And then suddenly, le boys shouted to the teacher "Cikgu, ada orang kat luar class!". They knew it's me! Okay, I walked in, feeling quite embarrassed. I told the teacher who am I. I took a chair. Then sat near SyaSya and my old deskmate, KhaiSiong! Okay, he is someone I don't think I should talk with. But we talked. And we argued lagi. Biology class, the teacher scolded us for talking -.- Sorry! I didn't meet them for sometime already! Then, the one who actually sulk because I said I went to school to meet principal, not him particularly, the-Vincent. He text me saying I gave him some pressure and that he don't dare to talk to me face to face, He sat BEHIND the class, alone =.=! Well, okay, fine with me. Then, SiewPhing came late. She sat near us too, but she was paying attention the the class. Next, Raffiq, my ex-husband (on FaceBook). LOL, no lah, he was one of my the bestie =) The teacher asked about PERMATApintar, like usual, I do not know how to answer. So then, the History class started. Oi, that teacher is AWESOME! I really get the mind-mapping method and I wished I could join his class again. Alright, there's someone asked me for movie at KLFC. I rejected and I actually ignored him. Well, sorry friend! I don't want to repeat the mistakes that I had done again! Not to get myself in a relationship again! Not with you and not before finishing the SPM, at least. Then, walked home with SyaSya! She teased me lagi. Honey Baby and what I didn't tell them we've started. Oh, that's not what I really did okayyyy? And it's OVER, so, let's just forget about it!

Then, I think comes the AFS interview. At ShahAlam. I've been figuring for a thousands times whether to go or not to go. Finally, the night before, I decided to go. But I did not make any preparations for the interview. I was taking it too easily I guessed. Okay, that morning, very early wake up. Get myself back to UKM for the certificates and my school uniform. JueXin (my lovely roommate) came and told us to go inside her father's car. We were arranging our certificates in the car. Okay, then we reached that school. S.K Section 6. As we arrived early, we went for McD. Later, met up with Zahid and Ilah~ Sharp at 2p.m, we went in. There were around 25students. PERMATApintarians were sitting together, still very stubborn to mix around. Okay, then we had the first game, to introduce self by telling 4 interesting things about yourself. Oh, well, I am interesting I know, but why am I chosen to start first? Err. Okay, fine, my introduction turned up quite well. It started well. Then, we are divided into groups. And I was called into another room for the interview. Okay, that interview went so-so. Questions about self and cultures. I went back into the games, feeling much relieved. We have a game, to cut a sheet of A4 paper so that we can pass through it (no tricks). So, yeah, we tried it lah! Ryan was so awesome that he got the idea first, but no fair, I came in the group late. Okay, I have to admit SRI KL and Kajang Boys High School students are talented. They are talkative in another way. Did not even let me talk. Anyway, I didn't wish to talk. I was mood-less after the volunteers starting to find and search for Akif Iskandar. I just wanted to shout. HE DIDN'T COME. What's the problem? Okay, next game, Sinking Boat. Our group got the DOCTOR aka Ryan to survive. I was the Old Man. What can I  say? I am old, I have a lot of experience, I know more than you do, I am useless, save me? Old man is of course a no-no. Then, we played music box. Luckily, I didn't get it! Whoa whoa whoa. The first one that got the punishment (lucky draw) was Mien. He get "proposed to someone of the opposite sex". Cannot stop laughing. And there's was one boy. He get the "write COCONUT by using your butt". Then, comes many other cruel yet fun punishments. Fun wehhh! Lastly, we danced the funky monkey. Left, left, left right left. And then he would say "I said leetttt's do funky monkey". We would say "What you'd said?". Then, this would repeat again. And then we'll do the funky monkey act. He would repeat the whole sentence by replacing the funky monkey with something else like "Elevator, Britney Spears, etc etc". Oh, there's a Q & A session before everything ended. I like Philips, he's from Germany, he talked about just everything to us and he's sensible. Kentucky? Hmm, yeah, something so. And then, JueXin's parents fetched me home! KL roads were jammed -.- Thankyouverymuch 

Oh, see for my profile picture in Facebook weh! It was with le classmate during Ekiden @ Putrajaya. He commented on that photo that I am fat. Oh yeah. I know I am -.- Then, he suggested we put that photo as our profile picture. Hahah (been saying about putting a picture together for a thousand times, but I thought he was just kidding). And so, I agreed. F.Y.I, he's very popular in the school. He's my cute good friend! Given the name Ahmad Faiz, from Johor Bahru! :)

I think le girls are arriving at any times now. Let's go gymming later (being fat is not awesome!). Good-bye! Thanks for reading.

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