Saturday, June 23, 2012

24 hours.

It's so nice to be HOMED. Although it's only for 24hours! Well, I am here to meet my second sister :) Long time no see, sister ! It's so awesome to have eaten Subway and bought Each A Cup at BTS today. Fun times with le sister. Never ending. If eldest sister is there, my day would be even more and more awesome! :) Thanks dad for fetching us. Thanks mum for cooking such lovely food! And the supper at Skyview an hour ago, so so delicious. And the durian. Oh my gowd. Life like this is so aweeeesom-me! 

Oh, HAPPY DUMPLING FESTIVAL! It's kinda an important festival. And that's another reason why I am homed. I was being so lazy these days. But when it comes to going home, I am no lazy. I can walk and board the public transport and stuff just to get home for a few hours! 

Latest status at FB : Why am I keep procrastinating? Lazy lazy lazying. Every single day, I am telling myself  that I am going to concentrate real well tomorrow. Tomorrow, tomorrow and no ending. SPM is near woi. And you still have I lot of things to be done, deadlines and deadlines. WAKE ME UP!

Oh yeah. Another thing I would post here before I actually have lesser time to online is about the friends who are going oversea soon. The tall girl. I would miss her a lot. Like seriously. Hmm. Hope she'll be able to cope with the studies oversea and keep in touch with me, though I knew she would be very busy to do so. And the other one, whom I always text with. He's just funny! Sometimes he initiates the text. Sometimes me. But we don't talk at school, scandals with start if we do. Everything he said keep me "zha dao"! Like =.= hahaha, but he could really make my day and make me laugh alone, at times my roommate will be looking at me as if I was half crazy. I don't know how am I going to live without his texts when he aren't in Malaysia already~ He can perform well everywhere and he is just too good in English, can you imagine for like he can score almost full marks in TOEFL? The two of them promised me food @ Domino and Sushi King (I wasn't desperate for this, actually). Anyway, all the best, friends! 

Oh. People come and go in my life. I started to hate the person whom I like a few weeks ago. How weak and fragile those feeling I have. And then, new people come. New friendships form. The old ones can be easily forgotten, it took me just a week or two. I am stronger than ever! 

Oh and for me, Akif never left the world. I just err, assumed him to move back to his old school which is located at my hometown. I feel like visiting him whenever I am back to Klang. He once told me to go, as it was really quite near to his house. Kampung Jawa, I told. I miss youh! Do you know? Camp at Perak in July won't be so fun without you. Anyway, it's even more lifeless without you at school. But a few people replaced you saying that I am "chubby and fat already", I am actually glad they say that, it brings me the feeling of having you at school :)


 It the car. Journey home is always so fun. With dad's sunglasses (so big)!!! 

Okayyy, watching Euro tonight. I bet Spain will win. (Betting with the him, for an extra ice-cream)! Wish me lucks =) 

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