Wednesday, July 4, 2012


My routine for every Wednesday and Thursday morning. Sit in the lab comp for an hour. Because it's PAI class. Obviously, I am not involved. So, I am free now. Let's talk about change! =)

Yesterday one of my dearest friend texted me to tell how she feels for me. I cried. I am really glad I have those friends who are always there whenever I am not okay. I just feel lucky, at times.

I've changed a lot. Like a lot since Form1. SMKWM2 >> SMKDK >> PPPP. For every different environment, I changed. Just finished looking through my blog posts during my early days in SMKDK. The suffers that turned out to be so sweet. 

As I browsed through the comments, only I remembered I've gotten so much supports from people around me. But why hadn't I realise earlier and treat every single of them the best of me?

And I knew changing school always is good. I get to know so many people, who never forget me :) Last week, Ah Lok and the group invited me to his birthday party. 4 years not really seeing them. They still remember me! I surely am going to reunite with them after SPM.

Some of the comments I opened. It reminds me of the early days. It is always heavy to leave something you love so much right?? It's coming again, I guess. After SPM's done, everyone in PP will have to be separated. Everyone will be living their own life. =(

Even the seniors. Yupe!! 

My presence have changed them entirely. I was once influential. Now I am not. 

Oh. Class BIOLOGY in a minute time. 
Signed. Logged out.
Change is good, if we think optimistically. 

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