Sunday, September 16, 2012

3days holidays. Thanks Hari Malaysia :)

Guessed what? I am looking back on my MYSPACE (3 years never open already). And did not realised that was my previous life! Hahah! I have C to the H to the A to the N to the G to the E! Look at those comments, (I can see many "iloveyou, amy" in those comments, hahah, how come I have no impression that all these had happened before? And I have a petbrother? How come i don't remember? LOL! I was that popular among the friends? I was that brave and determined? OIC? I had that close senior named M Asyraf? Who is he?). Okay, I was laughing half way through the comments. 2000++, how did I spent my time at that moment? XD Oh, and.... 
hahahah! WHO ARE THEM whom I used to chat with?? Now I only know that I chatted with people from the same school but cannot recall who they are, except a few real close ones - memory completely lost. 

Based on my title above, it is obvious that I currently am at home! LOL. Ehh. Homed for good. Home sweet home. Home-cook food. Sister. Mummy. Daddy. Laptop. TV. iPad. What else? Diamond Dash! Addicted? No lah, part of my solutions to losing the stress that haunted me since few weeks ago. The TRIALS!

Oh gosh, I just couldn't believe that I have done my trials. Time passed by so quickly and without me realising it, it's gone. Now the final preparation for SPM. 49 days countdown (a lot of people have been posting on FB). I am still very blur and oblivious about SPM. What? 9 subjects. Okay. I actually learnt that 9 subjects this two years? Why don't I feel like being in a school since Form4?

Hmm. Okay turn back around. I am homed since yesterday. Yesterday was 14 September 2012. Know what date was that? Yepp. It was his birthday :) Akif Iskandar in memories. Now I don't feel anything dahh. Perhaps time healed everything. And FB automatically deleted him from me. Hmm. I hoped my first crush in PP would always be happy no matter where he goes (people keep telling to forget but pray for him, but I don't know what to pray for and now I know).

Oh. This morning, ben xiao jie very hardworking. I eventually accompanied mummy to market. Sentul market, my first time. New place. Nice people. Cheap groceries. Delicious breakfast. Then, came home, planned to continue my sleep after I done some online stuff. I was in the room. Mummy came in telling wanted to sleep with me. Okay, okay, share2 my queen bed. Right after, the king came in and said wanna sleep in my room also (oh? can can!). I went to sleep on mattress under my bed. Hahah, seemed like a baby room with mummy and daddy around =) We slept for few hours! My room was too comfy I guessed.

Dinner at NANDO's KL Festival City. Nice food, with le mummy and le daddy. The view from the restaurant is right away at the lake across our condominium. Oh, nice nice. Went shopping! The most important thing is that I bought a new facial cleanser (NuTeen, because the ambassadors looked so handsome and flawless). Mum's complaining about the pimples on my face :( She said it's getting more, oh yeah, thanks to the examinations and stress. And my appetite was too good these few weeks, now it's recovering that I am planning to cut down on food, again :)


At Esquire Kitchen :) With Kelly, Annie, Choo, Jinnie, Jue Xin, Jia Hui, Lee Jing and Tze Ching. 

Went to Sing K at MetroPoint:) With Lee Jing, Jinnie, CY, Jia Hui, Jue Xin, Tze Ching and Kelly. 

The final MASTERPIECE :) 

The bracelet from Jia Hui. The teddy bear from Yan Joe. They loved me. I heart them too! 


Outing with my beloved class, 5K2. Not awesome until we were to walk back at midnight. 


Oh. Trials. The nights were scary. I can managed to stay awake until 130am at most with these things below! I cannot cross that time, else my brain will have to malfunction the next day :) 

Balik rumah journey. Jammed, it took me an hour or two to reach home, with dad's fetching me somewhere. KL oh KL, be nice. Else, I'll move to Penang some other day! 

Yum,yum.. Peri peri. It's hot and spicy. Runny nose :) 

Okay, done the pictures and I can delete them from my phone, to be replaced by new ones.

It's 5a.m now and I am not sleepy yet =) Thanks to my afternoon nap. Fairy-tooth. Chat with Joe Lee =D

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