Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The sleeping beauty.

It started to get tensed now. 8 more days to go before 23rd August comes. I was not supposed to feel anything more than this, but I have to be frank that this feeling is haunting me since yesterday night, when tears started to flow during the final meeting with my girls.

Now are the final days and I am glad he still manages to find time to chat with me. 

In my life, there are only 3 person who never have the intention to stop texting me, or never never say "Bye" when a conversation started. Maybe they are the only ones that are willing to really listen up to your problem and share with you theirs. It lasts for like a year already, I felt really heavy-hearted now. He never ever had say good-bye to me, but yes, we did pause to do our things and saying sorry that we're busy, reply later or when we sleep in between the texts. But I guess in a few more days, he will be telling me good-bye.

He texts me random stuff and our conversations never end. He complaint to me. I tried as hard as I can to be a good friend, though sometimes it's epic fail that I don't understand him enough. But most of the time, I complaint more, and he is the one who succeeded in making me smile again, during the stressful moments. He teased sometimes and then came that awkward moment when I forgot to reply that he actually thought I was angry. v^^v, the cute face that I always see. 

Oh yes. I cannot deny that he's a great brother. I still remember very well the days during our preparation for debate in December 2011. As my Chinese isn't up to standard yet, I often get shunned by the other 4 team members. He's the one who tried to actually talk to me. And a good few times, he protected me from some troubles and helped me to say something that I didn't dare to. That time, I feel that he understands me most. And that Johor trip for the PERMATA exposition. You and me, the only Chinese there. I feel grateful enough :) Your piano skills amazed me. And you can just sleep no matter where you are :) 

Oh. That guy who got the "sleeping beauty" award is my first prom night partner! He's the first one who invited me right after the MPPs announced the graduation night. Although there were a lot of obstacles and discouragement before that prom night, but I am very glad that we both actually made some efforts for that event. It was beyond satisfactory. Thank You! 

My lovely sleeping beauty sold me all his SAT books for RM200!! All of them are original books from College Board and Princeton Review and the books are very well-maintained. I got so touched that I also found the teddy bear in the box along with the books. I love you. Perhaps, as a friend or just a little more than a friend. Do not tell me that IF anymore. If I had been your girlfriend, it would be different, anyways. Nonetheless, I love the way we are. The brother and sister that helped each other out (actually, you helped me more)!

After 23rd August 2011, there won't be messages, missed calls from "YanJoeK1" anymore. Now that I am setting up another goal to go Brown (or at least any US universities). I promised I will try my best. I will meet you there or else you'll drag me there during your holidays right? And I think I understand what you told me yesterday night, "your plan". I actually pretended not to understand it, your so-called "sot bu dao". Well. Yupe, every time I open your books, you will not only cross my mind, your presence will always motivate me and I will never forget you. Your teddy will also sit on my table watching me striving for this. I actually succeeded staying up late until 2am for the last 2days, with your teddy in front of me. Good lucks brother, study hard and smart, no more Dota-ing, and I do not encourage you to learn culinary arts okay? :) 

Oh. Bio class now ;(

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