Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We bought a ZOO.

Volunteerism at ZOO NEGARA, which was located around 5km from home but have never been there ever since kindergarten. The feeling of having the animals so close to me was awesome, really it was. I don't mean all the smells and fears of the animals but basically everything went well. So, I decided to write blog since it has been a kinda special trip for me.

So, the day begun at 6 am. It has been rare for me to wake up that early nowadays but yeah, I managed to jumped out of bed and prepared myself. It was a bad night after all. But, life goes on.... 630 boarded the UKM bus and ear phone's into mission together with Candy Crush (addiction.....). En ARHO treated us Nasi Lemak for breakfast, woah, admiring this generous gentleman very much now :) 

At around 830am, we arrived at that so-familiar place. Oh well, I knew that place so well and I can actually just walk home and could reach in no time, but that's not the main aim. We entered the place, being the treasurer of the trip, paid RM360, RM10 for each volunteer. So the question that came into consideration is "why do we have to pay when we are doing volunteer works and not allowed to walk around freely?". Okay, here comes my answer "this is the only way they could recruit free workers who at the same time love animals and to elevate the number of customers on weekdays". Rate my answer :) 

So, I was in a group with Syazleen, Lee Jing and Hui Ying. Oh yeah, we walked all the way to the Mammalian Kingdom! And guess what, it was one of the best regions in the zoo (for me). We were asked to place our bags in an animal cage (that was the zookeeper's restroom) and changed shoes to boots. So, we began our journey by cleaning the kangaroos' area and also the porcupines' place. It was an hour work before we rested. The kangaroos are so cute and tame and shy but the porcupines are so fierce that they actually chased people! Oh, we don't wanna die in the zoo =D 

We had free time most of the time. So, lunch and then had a great walk around the place with Paan, Syazleen, Ray, Liew and Arnold. I learnt a lot of new animals' names Unka? For me all the monkeys are the same but Paan made it so complicated that I look so dumb when he said "you don't know this??you don't know that??". Oh, well. Amphibian. Reptiles. Fishes. Hahah, the boys were tired because they had to clean up the poops of the cow!! I bet I would enjoy doing it and get myself all dirty and smelly =D 

At 2pm, we continued the hardwork. We climbed through a ladder and standing on the roof where the bear are just below us. Okay, I know I am heavy and I might fall anytime. But that facilitator ensure me I won't, so, I believe him for once. We cleaned up the roof like nobody else and felt really satisfied when we were done. Believe me, it was the first time for me to be on a roof and walked around without hesitating myself to fall into the cages of bears that could eventually bite me alive because at that time, they were really hungry (food will only be given at evening). 

Then, before we leave the mammalian kingdom, the facilitator brought us into one of the cages and allow us to take picture and touch the animal. That cage was a distance from the animal's visitor which I thought would be dangerous but it isn't. The big black cat (I call it) is tame but ... there was once it got very near to the four of us and I was the one nearest to it. It was like me hugging the three of them but the black cat behind us trying to reach to my back. I was praying hard the facilitator chased it away but then I turned around and everything was okay and so I befriended with it ^^ 

Right after that, I had a heavy headache. I never heard of migraine and never had experience it but it was really a heavy one. I slept throughout the journey back to UKM but stop-by KFC for dinner. Upon reaching PP, I started missing my animal friends but well, I really need a good rest to kick-start the new week. It was indeed an enjoyable and meaningful trip! Did some good deeds before taking my once-in-a-lifetime SPM results. Good luck to 95' batch @ SMKWM2, SMKDK, PPPP friends and cousin =) 

Here, let the photos talk. 

*There's one picture of me with da big cat... but it was taken in another phone, so yeah, update my bloggie next time =) Hooray, WE BOUGHT A ZOO movie becomes so real to me now! "that feeling" =) 

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