Monday, April 1, 2013

Collin & Jessica - Just Married.

My last weekend of March 2013 was equally awesome. My close cousin brother just got married! They are so sweet together. The two days event just got all of us closer together. The NINE cousins finally got the chance to take a picture together, ever since we were small, growing up together in Pudu. Time flies, it seemed so yesterday that he was playing with me, treating me like a younger sister. I always remember he's 5 years older than me and then, slowly turning into teenagers, playing together lesser but still, close :) Now, he's getting married and leading his very own life with someone he loved and the little one's coming soon. 

This is me at the Friday night party. It was fun, with loads of food, relatives and friendly people. 

We drew this and cut them off and paste them with all our hearts. We actually spent 2 hours on this! The very thing he said is "It's beautiful, thank you". That room used to be my playing room but now, it's going to be the bridal room and their baby's gonna play in there like we all did. 

 Mommy and daddy, tired at 1 am. Gonna wake early tomorrow morning. Oh god. 

 Changed my shirt hahah! Oh. With le sis. 

THE SATURDAY MORNING - at the church.

 Her dad: Collin, ....... and I hope you will take good care of her.
Collin: Yes, I promise, I will do whatever I can. 

 Jess: I do :) 
Oh, this is the first time I've been to marriage church ceremony, so sweet. 

 Kisses. Soulmate. Bestfriend. Declared husband and wife. 

 The two lights given by two mothers were joined to become one. 

*there were more pictures in sis's DSLR*
Hmm, my another awesome cousin brother, James. 

AT HOME - yam cha ceremony
 Grandma was overjoyed ^^ The tea seemed so sweet to her. 

 Mummy and daddy. 

As I am younger, 
Amy: Biu go, yam cha. 
Amy: Biu go sou, yam cha. 
And there goes, red packets I get ^^ 

Spent whole after at the home, playing with Locky (he was smelly but handsome that day).  

THE WEDDING DINNER at Tai Thong Odean Kepong Baru. 
Became the USHER for the very first time. Busy smiling all day as if I am the bride.
Slide shows. Yammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Sing :) 

 First dish. And then, I got very lazy ^^ Anyway, nice food. 

Amy to sisters: I hope I am gonna stand there one day ^^ 

Yay ^^ Congrats, dear brother, happiness forever. 

The very next day, Sunday morning, Ching Ming at Klang and finally, back to UKM. 

What a busy yet awesome weekends before occupying myself with Finals. 
 Happy Marriage Is Everything A Girl Dream For. 

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