Monday, May 6, 2013

Early 18th birthday and Mother's Day Celebration.

Since sister is back from Singapore for two days, I've got to celebrate my birthday earlier this year, on the election day, I supposed. Anyway, I won't be at home next week. So yeah, so upset. But one thing, I am really grateful because at least I am not celebrating it with the examinations like previous years.

Mum's NL lunch after my SAT :D  

At OneU, I managed to get myself a new Toshiba external hard disk at the MPH with the BB1M vouchers. After that, had a really fulfilling dinner with grandma and relatives.

Mother's Day card until 3 in the morning. #determined

 Mum's in tears, gam dong ba? 

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Perfume, priced at 300 ringgit, just for MUM, loves!

At FULL HOUSE, Wangsa Walk :)
Pardon my Samsung awful picture qualities. 

 *opps, the chubbiest girl got caught red-handed eating greedily, hahah, well, everyone knows I love food, especially at this time of the month and I don't really care looking fat anymore*

Here comes my cake of the year. So small T.T 
I had three round cakes in 2010 (one from V, one from my gals, one from family).
Is it that as I grow older, I get lesser cake to eat?

 Last but not least .... Nahh, model of the Full House car. Eeeee.

Bye home, going back PP tonight :"( 

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