Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I went home for two consecutive weeks. If I do this week, it will be the third week, I know it's not considerable to go home that often. But I just want to be homed this time. Classes will still be held. Movie premiere. I asked dad and sis. They said mum's working and there's no point of going home. I just wanna do so :'( But no one cares. A liter of tears.

While I am far than isolated being here, she made an effort to be here with me on that day despite her final exam. Sue Ann Jie won't be here to visit me this year. IKR Singapore. IKR.

Dai Kah Jie texted me and made me feel so much better, escaping from this ugly truth of being 18th on the month of May. I wouldn't forgot how they and he used to treat me like their real sister. #immortal2010

I said it's only a birthday that comes every year.

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