Monday, December 8, 2008

3 days since i've updated =)

Izzit 3 days??
5, 6, 7th Dec :)

5th Dec , I was at my 3rd uncle house.. Start my journey from kl at 6.30pm Reach Klang at 8pm.. traffic jamming! I ate a lot that day.. and play with small children.. all my little cousins and my cousin's son.. And went to grandma's house at 12am after the dinner.. sleep? cant sleep well anyway!

6th DEC= Wake up at 7am, sleeping at grandma's room.. Went eating.. Let's just make a shortcut here! We went to 3rd uncle place again, for sis Ai Mei's real wedding day.. And we went to her husband house.. And again, we EAT! That make me fatter and fatter.. At night, we went to a Chinese school hall and ever again, we mam-mam!

7th DEC = Wake up at almost 11am..? I remember my dad disturb me at 9am asking if i want to go to Kepong? And I say yes.. And it's for adult's discussion.. Playing computer as usual ; and saying bye-bye to my conversation friends. We move ourselves to the car at around 4pm and Reach Kepong around 5pm.. Reach there, bout 6pm, Simone and family reached! About 7pm, Collin and family reached =) Adults were discussing bout the family matter.. And we, children... Were just playing........ Ate spaghetti ++ KFC for dinner and an ice-cream ! Reach home sweet home at 12.30am..

Too long and too bored, for sure..
Many more to write but then, its boring for my grammar standard !
he he :)

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Fish.S.Y said...

wah cool~~~
now only 8december
u know wat u going to do and eat ler....= =