Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dreadful day ?

Woke up at sometime like 12.30 pm... Right after that., I walked to the living hall..The computer was not been occupied, so i turn on my comp and write my blog probably!;)

Raining all-day long, and I cant go swimming as in my planning list with my family..
But it's quite happy for me, as the weather is cold.. he he! =X

8th Dec? no body's birthday. But 7th Dec was a boy's birthday, who was that?
It was Willy Lim.. My senior! Happy 15th Birthday!!!!! At the first minute of 7th Dec, i send a birthday message!' Happy bday, more grey hairs ahead and all the best' He replied ' TY for yr still remembering my bday, whr's my present?' LOL !! I surely give u present when we meet someday!

Amy =)

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Fish.S.Y said...

ilol not fair d...
for u he reply u like tat..
for me he jz write thank you wor...
not fair...