Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Play the fullest =P

ha ha today today? I'm superb-tired.. Start my day at 7am =) and start my journey at 8am =) Reach at my destination at 9.15 am :P My first destination is Sungei Wang.. Walking through that place to Times Square.. Walk around looking for some clothes!.. But no dress suit me..

At 11.15am , my sister's friends and me and my sis ; meet at Cosmo's Mcd. Unfortunately, we didn't go and play the Cosmo.. Because it's sort of many people, and it's quite expensive.. Ok, hmm.. We separate to two! They went to eat something.. And me and my sis went to see dress again :) Lucky me, found a suitable one.. RM 49.90.. not that expensive uhh?? Yea, it's light blue.. not bad.. ha ha ^^

Clock shows 12.30pm, we meet back there.. Near the McD, there's a bowling court?
Yea, bowling thingy laaa.. Went playing bowling.. ha ha, bad in it~ swear! RM 4.50 per game and RM 2 for shoe renting.. Was really nice.. Next time whoever wanna play? Invite me! I love it although was bad in it.. At least I try ma.. Right? (picture coming soon)

After that, at around 2pm, walked again.. My leg cramp le! haha.. And we went shopping around.. At last, decided to watch movie at pavilion.. how nice xOxO

Omg ; You wont believe this, time show 2.30pm and movie starts at 4.40pm..
Still bout 2hours to go.. Where should we go?? Again, we separated to two group.. My sis and me went to mam-mam ; cause my stomach already grr grr.. he he.. Eating thai laksa.. Costing RM 19 for two.. Cheap as in pavilion..

Okay, bolt's CUTE, and his two friends Rhino and Mittens... And his owner, Penny.. Nice movie though!!! recommended! ha ha :) Ok, movie ended at 6.30pm and we are planning to go home.. whoaa! walked again ==' Reach home at 8.15pm.. long way to walk anyway! Play Hard, Rest Hard..

SHOWERING make me fresh..he he.. I love my home sweet home.. Its better than anywhere else.. =]

Cost : around RM 60 for me and my sis.. (nowadays, need save more, economy recession ) ha ha
PS: pic coming real soon.. update soon.. continue with me!


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wahh, amy amy. strike tak? :DDD