Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Family gathering was nice :)

14th Dec.. Nice nice nice superb nice day =) Know why? he he, proprably having every year's routine, family gathering.. Gathering with cousins uncle auntie and grandmother..

We play, chat and eat together.. My first uncle booked 2 tables there.. One small table for children and one big table for adults.. Haha, my eldest sister already 21years old but still sitting at children table.. keke XD

Very nice food at a restaurant at labu.. Nice food but the restaurant not so nice.. An old restaurant.. But as long as the food delicious can liao lo.. Huhu.. i love the food.. mhhhhh..

Some pics of the day :)

From left : uncle dominic, aunt joanne, daddy, mummy, aunt melissa,
half uncle bilal, popo, first uncle, first auntie jeniffer..

Children time : from left top : yeelin, chyng yee, simone, me, sueann, julia..
below from left: collin, popo, james..

Hoho.. again.. us us us.. free-styling.. From left: sueann jie(top), chyng yee, julia, me, james, yeelin jie..

More pics at yahoo group > crazy family.. belong to us!!!! about 50 over photos there, here are just some =) =) I love them so much! ho ho.. Merry XMAS!!!...!!!

PS PS : James become more friendly this reunion.. Last time he was very very cool.. he he.. good for me and them.



Anonymous said...

so nice, got family reunion. sure very meriah hor.

i know you like blue :) hope you like the layout. not taken from any web. background found at photobucket. heh :]

zainalalieff said...

mimo is a damn good designer. haha.

amy ng may kay said...

hehe.. tahu takpe!!!
haha.. mimo, thanks alot for the background..

and thanks for yr husband for promoting you!
*everytime de same* promote and praising.. anyway, mimo is real a good girl..

keke XD

amy ng may kay said...

PS PS.. sorry for the grammar mistake(s)..

promoting and praising**

thnks, En. Zainal..

Anonymous said...

oit! i can make business you know! haha. husband? kekepapalala otakaka kau. hahaha. xP