Friday, December 19, 2008


lazy to type here..
lazy to start school soon..
lazy to study on holiday..
lazy to switch on computer..
lazy going showering..
lazy going gym..
lazy going swimming..
lazy to move on my life..

These two days.. Yesterday night, went to night market.. Bought new clothes at RM 15 each!
white + red .. One brown in colour.. Ha ha, got little jacket there :) I love it..

This morning, my parents send my sister to Wisma MCA for the job agency.. I followed them, and me and my mom took some pics at the Christmas tree near klcc there.. Whoa, my sister took time to fill up her details so long! 40 minuntes.. Regretted to follow..

She gonna start work soon, if her details has been approved.. =) Ha ha, nice.. No need everyday stay at home disturbing me! Joking! I love her being home everyday!

Watch Princess Hours again.. In my sister's room using laptop! She bought the CD at RM 140 last year.. Nice movie though..

I am looking forward for reunion on 24th DEC at KLCC. and 31st DEC at Smkwm2! I miss them too much, that i am willing to do anything to meet them XD

<3 <3


Anonymous said...

princess hours is awesome!

ade ape 31st december? hahaha.

amy ng may kay said...

im not sure also..

main reason is to meet them laaa :)