Friday, December 12, 2008

Usual daily routine, + nice dream!

Went gymming today.. he he, I checked my weight.. Still the same over all!!! Excited for Sunday's family gathering.. Can meet all my cousins (last week meet le, meet again) he he.. Anyway, I'm happy about it.. can eat eat ++ play play ++ chat chat!! AT LABU? Is it labu or ?? Iam not sure ^^ far at negeri sembilan.. is it??

Hmm.. Talking bout my dream(s)! I've got 2 dreams.. First one, p/s first : i dun remember 100%!!!

First dream, i saw me, ShiYee and sen inside it.. (actually not sure) And we went somewhere near my old house. = Sen's hse ++ Shaun's house.. hmm, weird.. we take a look outside at night, (overnight at Sen's house) saw her mum there!! Outside was shaun's house.. actually not outside, its opposite only ^^ And i saw a boy there.. not real sure who was that..
and he/she came hugging me and saying good-night.. ???? who ???? weird..


I slept again, second dream, lazy to say it out =X Don't want say le :) But its quite amazing though! going out with somebody somebody to somewhere somewhere on sometime sometime!!
ke ke.. I also don't quite sure bout it.. My mind controlling my hand to type on the keyboard for blog spot..

Dream dream is just illusion anyway, And i really hope. On my first dream, I got a camera to take pics of the dream.. Can see the real image there.. I really hope I can! Illusion is amazing lo... But does dream really related to our real daily lifestyle? sure, there is!

11.05pm 12th DEC

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Fish.S.Y said...

1st dream....
me and sen and shaun....

haih dream.....alway is a illusion...

sometime i love it sometime i hate it.....

sometime is gud sometime is bad..