Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year ;)

My second sister starts her work today at a shoe shop! Work as a promoter there.. After some hard-walk-in-interview, she found this work! Ha ha, good luck sis.. =)

Today, my eldest sis bought me a new battery phone, my k700i is back to action.. Lol, not using it for a week already.. and i missed it very very much :) I love u , K700 !

Today also, I went to gotong royong at library.. For me, it was not like real gotong royong.. Because i was like 'keep chatting and chatting' with Sen and ShiYee.. Didn't really help anyway!

Then, I went to ShiYee's house playing playing,chatting chatting..... She used my handphone smsed somebody called Shaun.. lol, we were sort of playing sms with him.. He never reply anyway! Soon we play games... and we were quite bored.. So, we called people using her brother's handphone.. We called Sen and talk for a long time.. and my dad come fetch me, raining that time ! ;) ;)

Now, I'm sort of very very bored on9ing , doing nothing, except chatting with some pals..
I miss Them!!! I think of something to do when I'm really in loneliness..
Telling and describing about my condominium.. Reasonless hor?
I grab the photos from the chairman of my condominium .. ha ha ha, sorry!

Start okay????

*Outside my condominium Platinum Victory Pv10 aka my condo.. is located at Danau Kota..( ha ha, its like I'm doing promotion aiyoo)..
*Its also located besides my new school at SMK Danau Kota!
*This building is yellow-in-colour and the top is lighted when its evening...
*It consists of 800 over units.. Alot huh?!
*Facilities- gym, swimming pool, tennis court, pingpong indoor(if not mistaken, because never use b4 la), shop, kindergarten.. access card and 24 hour guard..( last time seem to see alot of guard(s), now very little le)..

I think that's all ! This is what they call it UNPRO people doing promotions...

The signboard..

The swimming pool :)

The Guardhouse

Ta ta, may everyone have a cherish year ahead! =) =)
and may 2009 be a better year for everybody..
Happy New Year to you ~



Fish.S.Y said...

boring rite?
but nvm lor he no reply...
i think he know is me ba~~
yer my phone credit going so fast...
dun want play forward anymore ler!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

the swimming pool looks like a resort. hoho. jealous.

amy ng may kay said...

Amirah, the swimming pool is ok ok la.. But every month need pay RM 160 like that.. Expensive!

Shiyee, I dunno he know anot la..
He know or dunno also, I dunno la!
Bout your credit, I cannot help lo!
Is you like de ma.. :)

Fish.S.Y said...

yer can say like tis le....
but nvm lor
nvm la 1 year one time only
amy u know?
a skul life without u...are so sufffffer