Wednesday, January 21, 2009

At last ,

Almost everybody talks to me now :) I hope I'll be like last time =) Today, when teacher's not in class, we (all girls) are playing the pusing pusing tangan one.. I dunno what name le.. We kept on laughing and laughing.. And i know that's bad, cause we didn't study.

The boys as well, playing Uno cho dai di card.. haha! They were shouting and screaming! Haih.. What type of class is that? ha ha!

Today, the chinese boys started talking with me. And those malay boys too. I asked them to sit in the line, the KKS(Siong) asked, 'WHY ARE U SO FUSSY?' ha ha ha ha, I laugh and laugh.. non-stop.. Then I said, 'I just want our class to be presentable'! Then they started asking me where I'm from.. SMKWangsaMaju(proudly)! ha ha ha ha :)

Recess time, now i got friends le.. luckily.. =X
I still miss u all.. Sometimes, feel like crying..
But we all must together jia youuu only can!!

yumi yumi ko. yma.

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