Sunday, January 18, 2009

Working 6days a week, this week.

Ha ha, I was working 6 days a week! Usually 5days a week. And I'm superb tired! Saturday also need to go to school. =( But nevermind la. For my lovely coming Chinese New Year! 给大我红包!哈哈,Gimme big huge ang pow! ha ha!

17th January , So hard for me to get up and go to school. Haih! Most of the teachers wasn't in class because they were at Dewan for Form3's lecture. Me and my new friends playing inside the class. Borrowed UNO card from the Chinese boys.... I'm in SMKDK, but my mind fly to my old school, got carnival.. Cannot stop from thinking of them! And i was home at 1.10pm.. =) At last, my sixth working day end! Yesssss, waiting for Sunday to come..

Accompanied my sister to PWTC, for some talk for her coming public U.. Then we went to 'The Mall' for some window shopping.. Ate ice cream! Ha ha, very fat edii! Soon, our next destination, my mum's working place, Lourdes Medical Center Clinic. We don't want to take bus then walk back home..

We was playing in the room there.. We got a VIP room. Full facilities ; got aircond, tv, toilet, and a single bed.. Mum treating us like patient.. She made us Milo and the toast bread. And we watch tv, then sleep.... At 9pm, dad come fetching us.. We went to Giant supermarket.. Gosh, i hate this! But my dad see those prices, Giant was the best.. I want Tesco :) But anyway, we went GIANT.. Bought loads of thingy for CNY! Drinks beverage, food and more!

18th Jan, waken up by mummy.. Tired lehh.. Sunday, my only not working day. And was waken up by mum to go to PASAR at 9am. Come back home, want to continue to sleep, but mum's asking me to do cookies.. :( do loads of CNY cookies le.. Come my hse eat! Very delicious!!! haha.

Zainal Allief said my ENGLISH grammar is very baddd.. HOW? I dunno how lehh.. Teach me English larr.. I really scared of my ENGLISH, getting weaker and weaker day by day..

Was planning to go to swim at night. Then mum said, we're going to Petaling Street later at night! But mummy, 'Amy tomorrow got school leh?' But nevermind la. One year once, for CNY thingy!

And that's all :) ta ta.
. . .

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