Wednesday, January 14, 2009

=( Does any day will be worser than today?

First latihan rumah sukan in this brand new school.. And something very worst happened.. My name was in the name of runner..And I am ok with that!

But when its time to go back, I found out that.................. My purse lost la, people stoled it!!!!!!!!! OMG.. My purse, it already accompany me going to school, going out, and going anywhere i went.. Mushi Maro , i miss u le!! My purse contains RM 20 ++ , my resident card, syilings of almost RM2, calendar, my standard 2,4,6's picture AND a note written by Ang, he gave me................... :( :( :(

Plz give it back to me! Take the money enough le! Give me back others!!!!!!!! =*( God, help me!
My wish now is hope that tomorrow morning, my purse will be found by somebody somebody..

I wouldn't want to go to LATIHAN RUMAH SUKAN anymore! SMKWM2 was not the same! Everybody's was sincere, ppl who i know almost 90% of people !

Now, in SMKDK,. i know only 5% of it.. And I'm not sure about it! You know what??? The kawad of my rumah sukan was uhmm... BAD! Last year, i was in kawad also, but its not like that.. The ketua gave command, 'dari KANAN, hentak kaki'! Its supposed to be 'dari KIRI, hentak kaki!' and her voice was so so slow =(

SMKDK, would you gimme some happy days schooling in you? PLS? I seldom say pls.. And pls?

Amy worst mood on 2009 ;/(


Anonymous said...

omg too bad :(

Sase said...

amy worst mood on 2009 ;/(

haha,saba jela amy,masuk lah 2a,best ouh tgk class tu ;)