Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hey? Yeay, I found it found it!

Yeay, I found it found it found it! My mushi maro purse.. Its in the ladies,. something help me! The Rapid KL bus ticket.. I kept the 8th Aug 08 de ticket.. And i saw it inside the toilet, so i open the 'tangki' and yes! I found it!

He he! yeay yeay~! But lost RM 20 ++ =( But anyway, yeay! Because I've got back my resident pass, friends' calling card, my picture aiyoyo, only 2 left (got 3 neh) and note given by my friend and my Amitabha Buddha thread (bracelet) . Luckily!!!!! but then, my lucky 8th Aug 08 de Rapid Ticket bus, its wet and its no way for me to make it dry and clean! That shows something maybe.. Hidden Code?

Today, uhmm..Not many good things happened.. I did all my homework at school, waoo, so relax! In the morning, i was like rushing here and there, to tell teacher to announce my missing purse. Then went to class, started my KH.. After KH, its SJ.. Doing a test of capture 1. I got 28/40! B B B ! Then went to Moral, sitting beside a boy called Sri, he he he was just like Vanesh, but taller than Vanesh, clever than Vanesh....

Then when its recess time, Z.Yin accompanied me! We went to toilet together! and , I found it! Then i was showing to my friends... and Z.Yin went missing!

Soon, maths class! Uhh, my favourite class!!!!! The teacher was a little strict, a little friendly and mostly, she is experienced.... Love her! he he! Then me and Shi Min going to toilet, as she was not feeling very good..

Then when we came back, i forgot to give back Puan Norizan the pass.. And KKS(Siong) reminded me.. So funny, he said ' eyhh ' ' eyhh' and i was like ' huh ? ' Then he showed his collar, then only remembered! haah! This KKS(Siong), is almost and very familiar to me.. Because he is like Ang.. haha !

Ok le ba :)

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Anonymous said...

haa. good that you found it back. :) <3 miss you la amy, :(