Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Artist in my school~ can't believe!

Diary Ramadhan Raffiq~ heard before? The one who played the main role(Raffiq) is studying in my current school~ SMK Danau Kota! Can you believe? I've been watching that movie and the main actor is in my school!!!!

I really can't describe today! Very tired.. I ran five rounds in school to practice for my 'merentas desa' for this Saturday.. I know I cannot get good numbers.. But at least, I tried.. I ran the first two rounds with SP.. The next round, SP don't want run already because too tired! I asked SS run the third and fourth round with me.. The fifth round, SP and very miracle, SM also running with me :) OMG, so tired arrr.... 7am to 6.30pm at school -.-

( PBSM ) We learnt how to make first aid kit.. My first aid kit was very ugly.. ha ha ha ha... no comment already~ PBSM so many members, so peak.. S.Man, B.Teng, Sya, J.Eng said I sang the song very nice~ ka ka.. no kidding!

( SCIENCE & MATHS club ) I know more seniors by this club~ So happy =) I got into the final round for answering science and maths question with my group members... Hope can win, next week.. But too high expectation, sure lose lorr..

( BADMINTON ) So boring, so we went running... Got form5 two boys borrowed me and Z.Yin's racket and my shuttlecock~ Don't dare don't want lend them.. So, we gave them~ Very scared they don't want to return our rackets.. Luckily they returned it!

Idealess MK.. may kay..

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Diera C said...

really?!the guy.