Friday, February 27, 2009

Dont disturb me while I am studying!

KKS (Siong) kept kicking my chair..KKS (Sheng) kept throwing to my head the very sharp ruler! Haih.. If I know they were so naughty, I wont choose the front row.. They were sitting at the second and third role! They took my KH book, kicked my chair, throw papers and sharp sharp thing to me! They didn't disturb B.Teng who was sitting beside me! Then, B.Teng said they like to bully me. But I said, I wont be bullied by people especially these boys! I'm very tired to study Akaun(KH).. I'm still new to it.. Don't kacau me anymore arr! Thanks.. KKS part one and part two!

Ha Ha.. Something interesting happened today.. The BM class.. Puan Halimah asked us to read the poem! One Malay girl and boy, One Indian girl and boy, One Chinese girl and boy..
Malay girl : I dont remember her name! But very smooth reading..
Malay boy : Raffiq.. He is very pro in reading malay poem..
Indian girl : Vinosa.. The most genius girl in class! She read it very nicely..
Indian boy : (The only Indian boy in our class was absent) Sri.. So, we postponed it!
Chinese girl : M.E (me).. Very funny.. I don't know why the Chinese people chose me..
Chinese boy : KKS (Siong).. The funniest among all! He is very humor leh.. hA hA hA..

28 Feb (tomorrow), my school is having merentas desa / cross country! I don't know which way to run.. I need to follow people because I'm new here.. And teacher never tell me where to run.. Just follow people la.. But I'm sure, it's very far! Surely, tomorrow I will be very tired..

3 and 4 March, having exams.. Putting more pressure on me! But, I will try my best although I'm quite lazy nowadays.. Wish me luck!


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