Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sleepy everyday. but you know what? I'm going to stay awake till I got myself to the top!

The word 'sleep' is always on my mind! When I wake up from my bed at 6am everyday, I want to go back to sleep as soon as possible.. The moment I reach school everyday, I feel like going home and lie on my bed! Another factor that makes me want to sleep so much is studying HISTORY!

24th February. ^~^
It wouldn't be my saddest day neither happiest day! I think it is below the average.. My quote for 24th Feb is " people can change very fast " !

Urmm.. Things that I remember today was I asked KS, whether 'he thinks he will get what place in 2DK11 on this Mac exam'.. Very confidently, he said 'TOP 10'.. And I said 'me too'! He then said, wanna bet .. RM 1 -.- "loser will give winner RM1 ".. Nooooo! Incredible..

Also, I remember, I accompanied S.Man go to toilet twice and Z.Yin once.. I'm so going to be Smk Danau Kota's NO. 1 toilet fan! Last time, was SMK Wangsa Maju's.. Kaka =X Just kidding! I dont like toilet, seriously ! !

Moreover, Z.Yin asked Jumbohead to go her house to make a MSN! Actually, this was my idea :) he he! Hope Jumbohead can successfully make a new MSN for Z.Yin =P ha ha ha+!

3rd March will gonna be my first exam in this new school.. I hope I can get average result, maybe a little more than average? I wish I can get good result if possible! I hope I can.. I pray pray pray.. The duration of exam is two days.. 8 subjects in 2 days! I'm going to be very very dead :S

colourful kay may ng amy...

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