Monday, February 16, 2009

Blog for Sat, Sun and Mon (today).

Saturday was a schooling day.. We went to school for our principle farewell ceremony.. Back home at 11am! Usual routine - eat computer and then sleep.. After that, B.Teng, S.Man and Sya came to my house to have our study group on Science! Some were speaking English fluently and some were OK.. S.Man even brought his brother.. His brother played chess with my father! :) They went home at 5pm..

Sunday, my family and I went to Desa Dua house.. My aunt is living beside our empty house there.. Our house is unrent yet!!! At 5pm, Simone and family arrived.. Then we ate our dinner! Came home at 8pm and did all my home works! (last minute work ohh) :'( !

Today, MONDAY 16/1 .. I don't have a happy-go-lucky feeling, I don't know why.. I was like not myself in school today! In maths class, I did many silly mistakes.. Corrected by S.Man! I was really silly! Am I too confident about studying? I've been in first class in every standard or form since standard 1.. Standard 1,2,3,4,5,6 CEMERLANG.. Then, form 1 AMANAH.. Current class is 2 DK 11! I am wondering if I can stay in the first class until form 5! SILLY Amy *

Here, I wanted to say sorry to Syifa~ Again, I have broke my promise for the Saturday! :(



XiiAo ツ YiNg said...

ask u

how 2 add ppl as fren???

can u teach mii????

amy 黄美琪 said...

amy ng may kay~

Syifa S:) said...

haihhh , amy xpe lahh .
kiter xmrh meyh . nnti amy bole dtg amy dtg kayh ? tp jgn ponteng sklh sudaa . nagahah :DD

ilysm&&imysm <333