Thursday, February 19, 2009

I cannot bear to have such friends.

I don't like people talking harsh words! I don't want to be friends of these backstabbers! If you're really good enough, you don't need to be violence. Just say it out and will change the situation, then you're really good! But if you cant, don't talk and do so much!!!! I TELL YOU EVER AGAIN, YOU'RE GOING OVER THE LIMIT WITH ME!

These are for her, the cruel one = " I gave you many chances. But you never changed yourself towards me.. My sister said if my head is beaten once, then 600 cells will die.. I bet, you've beat me more than several times! I told you many times, even my parents are not beating me, you are beating my head and stretching my hand! You are not the one who gave me birth, you are just one of my new friends.. Don't act too much.. "

I really don't understand what is friends for? Why they are so EVIL? Last incident was she stretched my hand and wrote ' Amy Bodoh ' on my desk, I cried.. I gave her a second chance respectively.. Before this second incident happens (today), she beat me many times also, but I just ignored as she is not beating me very hardly! But today, I reached moral class first. And I got put my bag there, she came rushing in and wanted to sit on my place. I said cannot and I sat down and she beat my head hardly twice! My tears coming out, but I just cant do anything.. I just cant bear to be beat anymore :'(

sadden amy ng may kay.

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Fish-Shi Yee said...

how can she do like this?
u should talk to her....
dun b like ignore it....
dun dun beat her back ok?