Friday, February 13, 2009

I think Im sick.

Yesterday, I think Im not well. Sore throat and light fever. But, I'll never go to meet the doctor cause my mum is a nurse. She took care of me very well :) Im getting better today..

Now, my parents are busying searching for travel agency.. They already renew their passport.. And Im sure, they are going to BeiJing on March! But they seem to be very nervous.. And always asked if my sister and me are ok, if we buy food outside during their trip there! For sure, Im okay with it! =)

In school, I dont know why. I feel I want to be back myself. *hyper-active* ! Im now, asking and chatting there. I cannot sit at a place for couple of minutes.. And that was me, last year =P

This morning, me and my friends were doing Sejarah BAB 3 presentation. I wronly said the word ' mengusahakan' > 'menguasaikan' twice! Encik Emyzul called me 'mye mye'! IDK why! He was a little funny. He was asking me so many questions! While 2 of my friends are there too, he didn't ask them! Then the class kept on laughing on my presentation.. I'm okay with that also because I want the class to cheer and because I want my group to be a little special compared to others! :) The chinese boys, are teasing me for my 'mengusahakan' and when the teacher asked question, they helped me translate to Chinese! ( like i dont know malay ) ! OMG! When i asked my Chinese girl friends, they said I'm quite funny, but that's excellent work........

My class are planning to paint the classroom ' apple green' soon! But my opinion is totally different! I think they are wasting money there. We can decorate our 'papan kenyataan' nicely, and that's enough to get the 'keceriaan'... If they paint, next year we will change to another classroom. It is not worth it! I don't like my classroom much because of the unfriendly environment and bad location. For example, the chair and desk are as in University 'P' type. The desk is so small. My stationary always got to fall down! And got the construction work near our school ( so noisy)! Our class is also known as 'store room' because the unused 'P' desks that they dumped into our class are of big amount of number (bout 50).=(

pessimistic amy.

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