Monday, February 23, 2009

Fed up....

My hair doesn't always go the way I wanted it to be.. My face get oily every minute! I'm not very happy with myself..... Life is quite boring! But what can I do? Just stay alive and finish it...

23rd February... Today, in all my exercise books, I wrote it as '23th February'! Don't you think I'm very stupid? I admit, I'm silly stupid and everything that nobody is... S.Man's mood was not very good.. She kept scolding people without reason! I tried my best to convince her but she never appreciate it and she scold me being so childish because I was using some cute words to make her smile.. Usually, I can make her cheers but today seemed fail!

During my afternoon nap at 2.30pm today, I was very frustrated! I was being disturbed by the renovation works of my neighbour's house ; the drilling work! Omg, I cannot sleep! very STRESSFUL.. I'm very tired because just came back from school.. So, I took my MP3 out and put it on my ears.. When I'm listening to it, the drilling sound stopped! Unfortunately, my MP3 was out of battery! And the drilling works started EVER AGAIN :( I keep myself sleep to meet 'chao gong'! I don't want to bother it anymore.. but still, UNSUCCESSFUL =.= So, I went to the study room and open up my home works to do.. I switched on the radio so loudly that I can't even hear my own voice.. Haih, I think I'm not just silly and stupid but very soon, will also be *crazy*~

Do I really need to commit suicide? I think I should~ BUT, I already committed suicide.. Keep a distance from me! I'm now a proud ghost! You wouldn't believe me? *stretched head*

sleepless me :'(
amy ng may kay..

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