Saturday, February 21, 2009

Yeah, finish big huge many homeworks :)

Friday.. To study from 7.20am until 12.30pm. Although the time frame is quite short but having 5 subjects on that day is definitely too many as we are burdened with heavy book load.. Home works rushing in more than my luck does!

Uhm.. Saturday, I finished all my home works :) :) but but, I haven't photostated my science thingies! Photostat at home or at photostat shops located at my condominium base is better? Quite a lot for photostating! What a waste of ink! This morning, my grandmother, mummy and daddy went for blood test at my mummy's medical centre.. The doctor took their blood.. AWESOME! I feel like being a doctor someday also.. haha, day dreaming la you, amyy..

Simple Short Ordinary Blog nowadays..
Because I'm very tired for everything that is going on on me now!

永远的我, I would never change for anybody.. I want myself to be happy.. The human-being living with me! The ones who support me.. Who loves me! Thank You! EVERYBODY, lets be happy..

AMY <3 family very much!

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