Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Somebody messing up my hair!

Today, somebody from next class gave me a key chain.. I don't know who is she.. But S.Phing got tell me her name.. But still, I don't know who is she! I'm going to find out tomorrow :) Uhmm, I feel nervous every morning.. I don't feel that 'excitement' going to school. Compared to last year, it's 99.9% different? I feel sleepy in class, yet I try my best to open my eye big big! And my ear, also huge huge...

'Do they really like me?' That's the question is playing in my mind every day.. Why I feel that, they don't really like me much? I don't know. Really don't know.. Many of them just ignore me..

But, I think, it's just the beginning.. After some time later, maybe, they'll like me more? Still a long way to go in this school! 4 more years.. Two more major exam.. With them, I'll be with.. Studying, Playing and Helping each other.. Perhaps, that's the right thinking!

Frustrated! P/s: Don't touch my hair.. Don't beat my head.. Don't scratched me! Don't try to mess up with me! I can be very very friendly. And i could be your enemy too, if you are too much! Ha ha, sorry a little emo! I'm forever happy go lucky. Not emo! Amrh, you're same with me!

may kay ng.

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