Wednesday, March 18, 2009

17th post on March..

Today is 18th, I have wrote 17 posts.. Almost everyday, without a day missing, I'm writing blog.. Incredible.. I spend most of my time here, writing my blog.. My precious blog.. Sometimes, I look at myself how my new friends look at me.. I think and I'm sure they look at me as a boring people.. They often said I'm stupid but after I got my exam result on March, they started to reduce the word.. Completely reduce.. Perfectly, being a little bit like my very own friends..

Uhmm.. About the story book I'm currently reading.. The 'man and wife' book written by 'Tony Parsons'.. Consists of 300 pages.. Oklah, it's not 300 pages, it's 297 pages! The text inside the book is eventually as small as this >> ' hahahahahahahaha '.. Moreover, their is no picture or photo or cartoon inside.. Quite bored book.. But I'm already into it! I started reading it and I knew I can finish it.. YEAH, I managed to read 130 / 300 pages by uhmm, yesterday night 17 / 3.. I start reading it on 14 :)

Oh god, tonight's blog will gonna amaze you maybe:)

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