Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh my...

Hello. Again, I'm here writing.. Sorry if I'd bothered you.. Ha ha..

Just now, I went out with my parents.. They wanted to go to Shaw Parade to sign for the agreement tour to go to BeiJing this Sunday.. I can't imagine life without my parents for a week.. We were sending my sister off to Masjid Jamek LRT station.. She will take LRT from there to MidValley.. Oh, bye sister.. See you tonight! ^^

During the journey to Shaw Parade, we talked a lot about my childhood times.. LoL.. I don't know why? he he.. They said, when I was 2 years old, I tore the baby sitter's son's homework.. I don't have any memory on that.. I was so cruel? Maybe, her son bullied me.. Hence, I wanted to revenge on him.. ha ha.. I really dunno! Moreover, they said that I love eating porridge / congee when I was a toddler.. I don't like it now but sometimes when mum cooks it, I eat also lo.. Because if I don't eat it, I don't have other things to eat.. Got one time when I was in primary, when my mum was sick (diarrhea), I cooked porridge for her..

Okay la.. I wanted to continue reading my story book.. I have read 70 / 300 pages.. I wanted to make it 100 pages (33.3%) by today.. Bye for now! ^.@

P/S : For those who are reading now.. Can I have a survey on you? Do you think going to tuition for Pmr is important? I'm just asking for opinion. Give me your answer by giving comments on this blog.. Thks!


Chrislena° said...

Can I say something?
Erm.. I form 5 now.. I only take BI tuition class.. Depends on yourself laa.. Is you think you cant understand or focus in school, you may take some tuition class outside.. otherwise, dont waste your energy.. TUITION CLASS IS DAMN PRETTY TIRED~~~

amy 黄美琪 said...

Thank you for your opinion..
I still remember who are you, you are Huey Wen sister right? But i dunno you got my blogspot.. Just found out..
Anyway, Jia you on your SPM oo..

Chrislena° said...

Ooo~ I get it from your friendster >.<

Thanks yaa~~~ ^^