Thursday, March 5, 2009

My daddy's old old story :)

I told my dad that I got 90% for Maths.. I was really excited and happy! I think since primary I got my Maths 'A'.. I'm not trying to be too proud.. But to be exact, I'm little proud of my hard works..

When I told him, I got 90%, he don't have any face mimic.. Neither happy nor sad.. !!!!! Then, I gave him to see my mistakes.. Omg, my dad knew how to do all.. I thought he don't know.. And he said, I have done many silly mistakes.. I'm still happy.. He then said, what is so happy about? He told and explained to me that, when he was in his schooling time (Chinese school)..... IF HE GOT ONE MISTAKE IN MATHEMATICS, HE WILL CRY FOR DAYS.. ( 如果有一个错了,他都会哭好几天咧) [Cantonese].. Make me so surprise!

My dad said, we are Chinese, we cannot lose to other races.. Chinese should get better marks in Mathematics.. Yes, I agreed! But I'm not trying to be racist here :)

Hope I can get the highest next time.. Need some sacrifices.. To make my dad satisfied :) :)

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